5 mistakes to avoid when buying blinds for your home

Are you tired of your old blinds and thinking of getting new ones? Or are you about to move into a new home and would want new blinds to match? Here are things to note before looking for a Ziptrak blinds Melbourne supplier. Avoiding these common mistakes will help you choose the best blinds for your home.

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1. Not taking proper measurements

This is one of the most common mistakes that buyers tend to make. There have been a lot of times where purchases were made only to be returned because the blinds are of the wrong size. Had they made sure that they got the proper measurements, it would have saved them a ton of time.

Be precise when measuring. This can be very tedious but the tradeoff will be well worth it. Having somebody with you is also a great idea. More heads paying attention is always a good thing.

2. Picking without considering your needs

With a lot of choices in the market, it is easy to get lost and be overwhelmed. This can be entirely avoided when you figure out ahead what your needs are. What purpose do they serve? Where will I put them? These are simple questions you can ask yourself when deciding.

If you have blinds currently installed, it’s a good idea to check and see what purpose they serve. You can also list out what you like and dislike about them as well as what you want to change.

3. Favouring form over function (or vice-versa)

Gorgeous looking blinds are no good if they are not durable. Likewise, a sturdy one might not add much value if it looks bland. Form and function should be considered equal but with a little wiggle room, of course. A good rule of thumb is noting its location. If it’s for a garage, cheap plain blinds might be enough. But if it’s for the living room, you might want to get nicer ones.

4. Buying cheap poor quality products

Buying cheap indoor blinds does not necessarily mean saving money! Poorly made products deteriorate quicker and therefore would need replacing sooner than good quality ones. You have to keep in mind that good blinds are an investment.

Sure you might shell out a few extra today but you’ll get more value for your money because it lasts. Low-quality products actually cost more in the long run since they are not made to last. Outdoor blinds, such as the Ziptrak blinds Melbourne stores have on display, need to be durable and element proof. Keep this in mind when you go and get them. Spare yourself the hassle and headache by avoiding these outright.

5. Not seeking expert opinion

Humans are very impulsive creatures. Sometimes we jump the gun without thinking about it too much. One might impulsively look for all roman blinds Melbourne home improvement stores have in stock. Only to find out it does not match the space. Getting advice from an experienced professional will save you a whole lot of headache in the future. You can get an expert opinion from any trusted Ziptrak blinds Melbourne partner store, especially if it is your first time buying.

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